An automated reporting solution that gives your business the edge. Automatically.
  • Statement generation to distribution in one go
  • Automatically watermark statement with individual Investor name and protect with a password

Key Features

Key Features
  • Automate creation of quarterly financial statements by fund & Investor
  • Compile a statement from multiple file sources (Report files, PDF, MS excel, MS word) in a batch process
  • Add bookmarks and table of contents to your Statements
  • Schedule the Batch Process as per your convenience
  • Versioning History of merged reports is maintained
  • View memorized reports and select the desired format with the click of a button
  • Supports Crystal Reports, Reporting Services, Access, Excel and many more


  • Batch separate reports and documents with ease, to generate merged statements
  • Mass generation to distribution of statements in a seamless process
  • Professional look with great consistency and accuracy
  • Statement can be secured with a password and personalized with a watermark
  • Central repository for all reports developed with any reporting tools

Generating merged report / statement like Investor Statements, ILPA Financial Statements, Partner Report, Company Fact Sheets, Attribution report, Investor Presentations, etc. can be tedious and time-consuming process. Since this is the most critical to your business, you need an efficient reporting solution that saves time and effort. A solution that fulfills the unique reporting needs of your dynamic and demanding business environment.

InnoEra presents rMerge, an advanced software solution that helps you automate your business reporting processes to save your most valuable resource - your time. It is an state-of-the-art solution offering report generation to distribution in seamless manner.

Why rMerge?

Financial statements go through assembly line where it is first created from multiple file sources (report files, excel, word, pdf etc.) then adding table of content and bookmarks then personalize every investor statement with watermark and protect with a password. To sum up, a lot of valuable time and effort is wasted in going through the same repetitive processes for each fund / investor.

rMerge automates all these manual processes with great accuracy and consistency, while eliminating human limitations and also the risk of human error. One of the most popular features of rMerge is the Batch Process that enables the generation of Statements for all Investors / Funds at one go.

Clients using rMerge have saved an average of 60-80% of the time spent in the generation of Financial Statements, Investor Statements, Audited Statements, etc.

rMerge not only automates the Statement generation process, but also gives you the ability to Schedule its execution at your preferred time so that you don't have to wait and watch the processing, thereby saving your time and effort. When you are ready, simply review the Statements / Reports and mark them for distribution with ease.

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